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Our SEO team will guide you about how search engines works, what people search for, the "words" typed into the search engines and details on which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.

At Binary, we make sure you know how to show up when someone searches about your industry or puts in a keyword related to your business. With integrated competencies in Google Analytics, we teach you to keep a record, track and analyze the behavior of users on your website.

Social Media

The best way to describe Social Media is as the voice of your Brand. Social media has become an integral part of brand campaigns. We at Binary, help you to know how to attract maximum attention for your brand and the process of encouraging people to develop a strong community network via Social Media. We know your target is to achieve maximum visitors on your page and we help you come up with attractive content, creative images, coherent strategy, apps, contests and many more tools.

Digital Strategy

It's time to evaluate your Digital Marketing Strategy to develop a solid model and drive positive results. Our highly efficient team will guide you and discuss about the critical components of digital marketing strategy and how it benefits to your brand. We at Binary, make sure you understand how to best plan a strategy that works for your brand.


Our expert team members will provide you with Smart Insights on how to increase sales on Ecommerce sites. Our team focuses on techniques to increase conversion, the best platforms to create an e-commerce website, the need for special features and tools to ensure maximum traffic to your website with high sales.

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